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Building success.

As a highly focused international advisory firm, NorthCourse® helps real estate development professionals realize the full potential of their projects within the leisure real estate sector.

While opportunities and risks grow more complicated and diverse every day, one fact remains consistent year after year: retaining an advisory firm that's fully immersed in leisure real estate leads to better results.

For over 30 years, clients have turned to us for our sound, insightful and customized advisory services, made possible by a team of real estate professionals with extensive first-hand industry experience across many core disciplines.

Specializing in shared ownership and mixed-use developments, NorthCourse has helped influence the success of hundreds of resorts, fractionals, condo-hotels and more throughout the world.

We invite you to read our case studies, explore our services, and consider how we might benefit your next project.

Key Phases of Development

Using a cross-disciplinary approach, NorthCourse works with our clients through each stage of development, from initial assessment through successful implementation.

  1. Project Assessment
  2. Project Programming
  3. Project Implementation